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Bournemouth Archery Club Coaching

Coaching is essential to help archers develop, enjoy taking part and stay in the sport. Coaching is about the whole individual not just about technical excellence. All members that are seeking to develop to their full potential from recreational to performance should be supported to do so. We also feel it is important to provide opportunities for fun as well as serious competition.

For Long Term Archer Development the club has a framework to support this which has a range of programs consistent with best practice. They include providing workshops on Drills and Skills, Sports Psychology, Fitness and Conditioning, Newcomers and Phase 1 days.

Coaching Clinics will be available at the club once a month. The clinics are open to all club members. This will assist the club archer by showing continued progress in updating the elements sections of the club archers shooting diary. The clinics along with the coaches available will be posted on the calendar in this section. During the indoor months October to March it will be the first Tuesday in the month at the Rifle Range. The outdoor months April to September it will be either be the first Friday or Saturday in the month on our outside range. This is subject to change if other events are on at the main club.

Bournemouth Archery Club Coaches wear a red top with their name on the front when they are available to coach.

All club archers can “approach a coach” at anytime they are wearing these for help or advice.